Astrology Art Teaching Series ~ Vol 2. 1995 - 1999

Unpublished illustrations from an astrological teaching “Tarot Deck” in collaboration with author and astrology teacher “Ashtara”, formally known as Barbara Mcdougall. These illustrations appeared on a 12 double-sided card deck representing the psychological polarities of the planetary bodies traversing the Zodiac.

Sketched in a free-form flow as initial doodle roughs, they were later photocopied onto A4 185 gsm Arches watercolour paper, spray mounted to stiff card, and hand coloured with Ecoline Dyes, a high intensity concentrated water colour from Holland.  Bleach diluted with water was used to dab away and fade back areas of colour where lights appear, then coloured Polychromos pencil detail was sketched in over the top, with highlights picked out with gouache.

Originally created from writings by Barbara and composed fairly quickly from immediate impressions from her read texts, they were an attempt, however successfully or not, to illustrate the unseen symbolic qualities Astrological forces apparently exhibit over human life on Earth.  Perhaps on a simpler personal level they endeavour to mirror the inner psychological/emotional manifestations of the lightness and darkness of being; from joy, depression, excitement to anxiety.  Interpret these paintings how you will from your own personal reactions to them, if any.

Sun Positive
Sun Negative
Mercury Positive
Mercury Negative
Venus Positive
Venus Negative
Earth Positive
Earth Negative
Moon Positive
Moon Negative
Mars Positive
Mars Negative
Jupiter Positive
Jupiter Negative
Saturn Positive
Saturn Negative
Neptune Positive
Neptune Negative
Kiron Positive
Kiron Negative
Uranus Positive
Uranus Negative
Pluto Positive
Pluto Negative