Hi there, thanks for stopping by.

When I get asked what I do, the short version is usually; “I design, draw, and create stuff that doesn’t exist to help visualise other people’s ideas…”

For over 25 years I’ve worked as a commercial art freelancer in the trade crafts of 2D animation, illustration, conceptual design – (characters, backgrounds, sets, vehicles and props), storyboarding, caricature, photography, image compositing and retouching, videography and editing, painting, and model construction.

Most of the work comes via the communication arts fields of advertising, publishing, film, animation, and web design.  Within each of these fields I applied the aesthetic and technical skills of Art Direction, Production Design, and Film Language from my studies at Queensland College of Art, Majoring in Animation.

You can view a comprehensive range of past commercial work galleries from 1990 to 2010 in the Archives menu tab.

This website represents a volume of work from a more personal creative perspective, showcasing experiments developed in parallel to freelancing concerns.

Trade Craft Practices

Concept Design
Model Building
Image Compositing & Retouching
Videography & Editing