TV Commercials & Features

1995 to 2004

Pre-production storyboards and ‘Look Frames’ for commercials and features

These various boards for live action TV ads and movies are generally kept rough as they were mostly conceived working with a director in person iteratively through several changes.  These were not always meant for the clients approval, which requires a further level of detail and finish with the addition of colour.  Most times the director uses them only as a field guide for the crew and planning of shots and editing, because on the day of shooting things change, and circumstances require adaptability.  Animation and visual effects storyboard planning needs to be more stringent as elements in a shot need to be made from scratch.

Volvo XC Series Range TV Ad  “Attention Seeker” Storyboards

 June 2010

This sample range of several frames from an original 28 frame commercial storyboard is an example of a higher degree of finish for direct client approval. These frames were composited from various location stills around Melbourne, the cast, and the Volvo cars shot by Director/DOP Brendan Williams of B Films in Brisbane.  All the components were comped in Photoshop and graded to match the location lighting. This was presented to Volvo Global as the final pitch for a 45 second International TVC.

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