Holden Barina TV Ads

Between March & August 1998

Working with Photon VFX at Warner Bros at Oxenford, Queensland to design and render storyboards, shot layouts, characters and painted backgrounds for three 30 second TV commercials for Holden Barina, ‘Bad Hair Day’, ‘Concert’, and ‘Topless’ circa 1998.


For 30 second animated TV commercials, storyboards vary between one to two frames per one second on screen, depending on complexity of shot, action, or camera move.  These storyboard panels were changed consistently every day over the course of the production as meetings, finance costs, and delivery schedules all competed to define the finished sequence of shots required to build, animate, and render.  These samples represent the ‘close to final’ version of the sequences approved, after numerous iterations of cutting, re-sorting, and pasting.  Colour versions weren’t generally needed as the storyboard shot sequence changed regularly.  Some of these frames were re-photocopied and drawn over about 10 plus times…

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These background plates were coloured with watercolour inks, coloured pencils, and gouache, then scanned and graded in Photoshop. The animators then projected or texture mapped the artwork onto the 3D environment geometry in Maya. This created a dimensional space with variable moving planes that the camera could move through, with the 3D moving car and character, depending on the shot.


Character turnaround sheets and rough concepts for the animators and modellers to build a basic set of 3D characters.

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